Automatic Calendered Sheets Picking and Unloading Group


The function of the plant is to remove shaped sheets from any bending calender and stack them on an evacuation belt.

The plant can be seen as an assembly of the following functional groups:

  • Vertical support pillar;
  • Main rotation unit;
  • Horizontal beam;
  • Vertical translation structure;
  • Horizontal Translation Group;
  • Sheet Metal Handling Group;
  • Motorized discharge conveyor


1. Vertical support pillar
This is a steel structure S275JR placed on threaded groups that allow the adjustment in height and the perfect levelling of the plant

2. Main rotation group
The rotation movement around the Z axis is carried out by an orthogonal gearmotor with gears and three sprockets on a chain.

Through a system of pinions and chains the rotation motion is transmitted to the opposite end of the beam, allowing rotation in an anti-clockwise direction.

3. Horizontal beam
The beam consists of a steel structure S275JR with a pair of terminal bushings, which allow the relative rotation between beam and pillar and between the vertical translation group and beam.

4. Vertical translation structure
The vertical translation movement is realized with a servomotor that, through a ball screw, allows the sliding of the group on linear guides.

5. Horizontal Translation Group
In this case, the relative movement with respect to the vertical translation group takes place with a motion transmission system consisting of pulleys and toothed belt for sliding on recirculating ball guides.

6. Sheet Metal Handling Group
The rotation of the manipulation system is carried out by means of an orthogonal gearmotor with gears and three sprockets on a chain.

The calendered sheet metal is clamped by two pneumatically operated speedy-block systems.

7. Motorized discharge conveyor
The belt consists of a steel frame S275JR, into which is inserted a system of conveyor chains driven by 2 gearmotors, which allows the evacuation of stacked sheets.